The Auto Jumblers Association (AJA) was founded in 1989 and is open to anyone interested in Auto Jumbles and Auto Jumbling.

A Newsletter is produced (pending enough content) giving details and comments on Auto Jumbles and shows, general motoring matters are also covered where these have an effect on Auto Jumbling. The AJA is also prepared to mediate in any disputes between members and organisers.

The AJA Public Liability Auto Jumbling Insurance Cover is included in the subscription, to a figure of £5 million, and is restricted to Auto related trading at appropriate events and as for all Insurance Cover, there is an implied duty of care.

The AJA Policy cover is only available to part-time Auto Jumbles, covering Auto related items only, trading at Auto Jumbles and Shows (This excludes North America and Europe). It does not cover anyone trading from business premises or using a business name or trading via Mail Order. This Insurance Scheme provides low cost cover for the majority of Auto Jumblers who do not rely on Auto Jumbling for their sole income.

The AJA also organises its own Auto Jumbles at Ardingly, where stalls are available at reason prices, with discounted rate for AJA members. The AJA has also secured discounts for members with other organisers and campaigns for improvements to events where desirable or necessary.

The committee hopes that you will think it worthwhile to join the AJA and that you will complete the membership form.